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วันอังคารที่ 19 ตุลาคม พ.ศ. 2553

Temple. (Amphoe Mueang).

Temple tour in Amphoe Mueang.

Wat Chedi Sound Lang
Wat Chedi Sound Lang (วัดเจดีย์ซาวหลัง).
- Is built from the ancient abbey. More than 1,000 years old. Is what's interesting is King Sound is a combination of Lanna art and art Myanmar The three doors are beautifully detailed antique designs. And bronze Buddha statue. Chiang Saen is the art form known as "Buddha instant" looks very beautiful. When the year 2526. Has a plethora of pure gold Buddha 9 inch wide, 15 inches high. Called "the San clan Gold" is a contemporary art Buddha statue of Lanna (century 21).

Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao
Wat Phra Kaeo Don Tao (วัดพระแก้วดอนเต้า).
- The ancient temples and beautiful about 1,000 years old. Is an important sanctuary, the temple has the stupa as a large storage. His hair relic of Lord Buddha, a Burmese art that looks beautiful. There is also a Museum of Luang and Lanna. Inside measurement.

Wat Sri Chum
Wat Sri Chum (วัดศรีชุม).
- Myanmar is the largest temple in Thailand (of 31 measured). In the year 2436. By a wealthy Burmese "U Yo" that followed the British to work in the forests of Thailand. Highlights of the temple building is a building half a half of wood interiors with contemporary art between art and art of Lanna and Burma, the art of carving is very beautiful pattern.

Wat Chai Mongkol
Wat Chai Mongkol (วัดไชยมงคล).
- The temple is a medium size, the building is a white building, a wooden roof, Myanmar, the gable is decorated with glass angel photo, poster decorated with golden metal wire, curtains and a balcony. Made of fine wood crafts fret. Within the statue of bronze. The beautiful building from the Union of Myanmar.

Wat Pha Fang
Wat Pha Fang (วัดป่าฝาง).
- The temple is a large golden pagoda. The store "Relics" from Burma has been about the year 2449. Temple was built as a wooden post and a larger, overlapping roofs are layers of a Burmese.

Wat Sri Rong Muang
Wat Sri Rong Muang (วัดศรีรองเมือง).
- The temple is a form of art, Myanmar (built in 2448). There are significant architectural. Wooden temple roof, which is nested under a layer of very beautiful art, Myanmar And interior decoration with wood carvings, painted stucco designs of gold, and And decorated with stained glass, crafts exquisite beauty.

Wat Phra That Mon Phaya Chae
Wat Phra That Mon Phaya Chae (วัดพระธาตุม่อนพญาแช่).
- The temple is located on a high hill, it overlooks the clear, Lampang. And a place to relax also.

Wat Phra That Sadech
Wat Phra That Sadech (วัดพระธาตุเสด็จ).
- Important monument of Lampang. Construction of the contemporary art of Lanna "Phra Nang Cham Ma The Wi" (when 500 years ago.) Temple and the Temple of the ancient temple is being renovated. But remains to be seen in ancient art to the present. And "His relics" is the container that the pagoda. "Relics of the Buddha."